Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Big City Fun!

I am in a very busy people filled place...taxi cabs, rushing people, people everywhere! Really tall buildings...very dirty sidewalks...I just ran out of hand sanitizer! We got here by train...we took the Acela fast train which did not seem very fast at all. The train was so dirty...I used all of my wipes just trying to clean my area...I thought that I could just read the entire way but I started to get train sick? The sitting backwards seat thing? Ick...

I took a shower the moment we got to our room...and another after dinner but this is one big dirty city...and yet this city is so much fun!

Dinner was here...very French...very good!


Tonight we are eating at our fave place ever...We are meeting Den's sister and her husband for dinner...they are taking a cruise up the Atlantic and this city is one of their ports...so a meeting was arranged!
Breakfast today? Trekking here...Another fave! Soft boiled eggs in ramekins...with soldiers! Mmmmm...actually I had eggs en coquette...and there were still soldiers...and coffee in bowls!
Today should be all about books but it isn't...it's about the city!
NYC! Den just took a walk...I am trying to get the dirt and grit out of my hair...a cab driver had a back window open and particles of NYC flew into my eyes...
Cabs...OMG!!! Cab drivers...OMG!!! How do they do what they do here?
I have been here for only one day and I have been In a death defying cab ride 6 times! Bikers, jay walkers, skateboarders...everyone in the world is in the streets of NYC right now!
Home soon...three more cab rides and one train ride and I am home! I am taking a shower the moment I walk in the door! This was a short trip but an exhausting one!
Happy Monday!!!







  1. Oh man, I wish I was there with you! I take a cab to and from the airport and generally walk or take the subway after that. You should have toured a publishing office while you were there.

  2. Not understanding the egg with soldiers comment. Enlighten me.
    I was born in NYC and then visited when I was 11 and remember it being incredibly dirty. I thought they cleaned it all up since Giuliani?

  3. I'm with Ti on the eggs with soldiers. Those restaurants look great though... adding them to my NYC list. We'll be there again early this fall,

    1. Soldiers are toast sticks...perfect for soft egg dipping! Benoit was new for us...but we LOVED it! Balthazaar' s and Union Square Cafe are old faves that never fail to amaze us in very good ways!

  4. How did you decide which restaurants to go to?