Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Hodge Podge Of Stuff!

Finished this...I think I didn't love it because the main character of interest was named Tiny...her sister's name was Pepper...and they weren't at all nice. Sigh!

I have been a chef a lot today! I made Sirachi Lettuce Wraps for lunch...Summer Minestrone is simmering away for dinner and I finally remembered to add raisins to the remainder of my oatmeal cookie dough that has been in the refrigerator. These cookies are yummy chewy delicious!
Love this dress...in all three colors!
Want this chicken salad sandwich from The Kitchn...
Love this cookbook!
I want to make these!
I love the inside art!
Love these condos in Charleston...actually Daniel Island! Would it be fun to live without tons of outside chores?
I just heard a huge crash and thud...apparently Roxie made a move that knocked Lucy off and she landed on her back...my poor baby! Roxie didn't mean it but Lucy is so fragile...the fall scared Roxie, too! Now they are both crying...
That's all she wrote!
Have a great day!





  1. Can't tell if the swiss chard dish is enchiladas or pasta but it looks great.

    1. Cannaloni? Did I spell that correctly?

  2. Condo living, without outside chores, is great! Those condos are lovely...mine is just ordinary. LOL

    Enjoy those dresses....and your books.

    1. Thank you! They are coming tomorrow!

  3. I hope Lucy is doing okay after the fall!

    I want one of those oatmeal raisin cookies- that is my favorite kind of cookie and they look delicious! :)

  4. Oh my poor Lucy! Love that kitty tree, though! Great periwinkle color.