Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Random Day?

Thursday...March 26th...

2:30 AM...I woke up wired...grabbed my Paperwhite and started to read with hopes of falling back to sleep...this has been happening to me ever since the time change...

3:00 AM...gave up the idea of sleep...crept down the hall to a guest bedroom to watch Forensic Files or Law and Order hoping to fall asleep...

6:30 AM...woke up to Roxie and Lucy jumping on the the guest room...Den was still sound asleep so I went downstairs...fed the girls, cleaned their litter boxes and made a K-cup to drink upstairs in bed while I read...brought one to Den as a surprise...he usually does the coffee...he will make a real pot later.

7:15...played with Roxie to tire her out...before I got back into bed...

7:45-9:30...watched the Today Show while Den made coffee.  He brought us breakfast in bed... Kashi Grapenuts with berries and a banana half.  Lucy ate one of my banana slices...she loves bananas.  We read and watched the Today Show...we each had more coffee after breakfast.  

9:30...11:30...Den went to the basement to go through bins...Big Brother was coming for donations on Saturday...we are trying to prep the house to eventually sell and move to Harry Potter World...teasing...our focus is on Charleston or Savannah.  I stayed upstairs with the girls to write two reviews, read email and try to write a post with pictures.  My stay at home outfit involves very little makeup...mascara new Bobby Brown spring Hot Berry color...relaxed yoga pants and a comfy oversized stretchy uniform.  I also lightly dusted  upstairs, ran the vacuum and wiped down our bathroom...things I usually do daily.  

11:30...I went downstairs...I was dressed, coiffed, and ready...finally.  I prepped a salad for our lunch...we had been in and out all week and this was our at home day.  I used my Italian spiral cutter and "spiraled" radishes, carrots, and baby cucumbers...then I prepped Japanese green tomatoes, sweet onion and organic garbanzo beans...for a lunch salad.  I added baby greens to a big bowl...tossed in all of the other stuff...and set the table.  I also made homemade soy/ginger salad dressing...we are into this flavor lately.  Then...before lunch...I dusted, wiped down the downstairs bathroom and started laundry...the fine washables that take forever and kitchen towels and dinner napkins which I do separately.

12:30 ish...we had lunch!  Girls came down for their lunch...they were yowling so we gave them a can of sardines...which they devoured.  Lucy also needed her High Blood Pressure pill...she ran as soon as she saw the pill bottle so Roxie and I had to chase her down.  She is too smart...tricks don't work so it's a matter of catching her and popping the pill down her throat...not pretty and not fun.

1:30...I made a loaf of English Muffin Bread.  It was an incredibly easy recipe but my first time making it.  It had to rise for an hour for a 35 minute baking time.  Den was still looking through basement bins and recording all giveaway I had some alone time in the kitchen.

2:30...sat and read in the sunroom while waiting for the bread to bake...we were doing laundry throughout the afternoon, too.  

3 ish...took the bread out of the oven.  Den and I met in the family room for tea and a slice of warm bread.   The bread was freaking kneading...mixer prep...toasted it with sweet was incredible.  

4:00... Went upstairs to relax, read some more and shower...Den was with me.

5:30...showered, in fresh clothes...another version of my at home uniform...started dinner prep which was easy because we were having pasta with sauce I made the day before.  I set the out everything I needed to reheat the sauce and cook tagliatelle...prepped garlic bread and went to the family room.  Den fed the girls...who sat patiently next to the island and waited to be served...they then both ran upstairs to our room for their after dinner nap.

6:30... Sipping a freshly made drink by Den while we watched the news...I always always read when the tv is on...

7:00...dinner...Den cleans up...

7:30...we sit in the family room to watch within a half an hour or so Lucy comes down chattering/Tonk talking at us...then Roxie comes down...they walk around, talk, sit on us...but mostly they stare because they are trying to herd us upstairs to "our" room...Roxie will climb on the back of Den's chair and rub his head and somersault into his lap...Lucy will get in my lap and stare at my face...when Den and I give up and turn off the tv they race us upstairs.  

8:00...we put on lotions and potions to maintain our youthful glow, we race around all over every room upstair play chasing Roxie to tire her out...Lucy just wants to be brushed.  Every other night or so Lucy gets an asthma inhaler treatment...she doesn't really mind this...I determine what nightgown I will wear...I am fussy about the summer I love DKNY black or dark gray ones with little capped winter Victoria Secret ones with long sleeves but they stopped making the ones I love so I will be in big trouble next year.  Then we are in bed reading with the tv on...the girls give up and flop into their beds on my wicker chaise next to me and soon are sound asleep for the night.  

9:30...Den falls asleep...I stay up...reading...and then...I fall asleep...

3:30 AM...I am up and wired again...I am obviously doing something wrong but I never feel tired the next day, I never nap and I don't look tired.  But I think I need to work out more...even if it's raining.  

Notice there is no work out that day...another reason why we want to move...I either have to get in the car and go to Longwood Gardens to walk...or walk up and down our street...I can't even walk around a block because our two blocks don't connect!  We love it here but are so tired of this no outside walking thing...I hate my treadmill!  It was raining on Thursday so that meant no outside!  I think we are just ready to move.  Thus...the cleaning out of the basement...painting...and house prep...sigh!  We would like to be out before the year is up...not sure if we can but we are trying.  

Housin Houses in Mt. Pleasant, Charleston...I just read a warning that alligators sun on the banks of ponds this time of year!  Yikes!  We are looking at marsh view properties.  What if an alligator stalks us because of the kitties?  Den says I am being silly never know!  We want milder weather, a view, walking/biking trails and proximity to a WF, a Trader Joe's, a Costco and great restaurants!  

This post has really meandered...sorry!


  1. This was fun! I wake up like that every night too. I never nap but I'm always tired. My doctor says it's when my hormones peak.

    1. Oh my! Peeking? This was fun...I wasn't going to do it and then got carried away!

  2. Well, this is a very unique post. Pretty houses, but as I get older, I don't want a big house. Too rambling. I really want things as simple as possible. I love critters, but wouldn't want a gator sunning out back either! Ha!

  3. I have been doing that early wake-up thing, too, and you're's the time change that is responsible, I'm sure. Except when I get up that early, I end up napping around noon. LOL

    Love those houses...and I have always wanted to visit Charleston...but don't they have hurricanes?

    What a great post! I've been seeing these around today...A Day in the Life.

    1. Thank you! Hurricanes and alligators! Oh my!

  4. Fun post, Patty. I need to clean out and donate. Our daughter is getting married in a few weeks so prep is taking up my time but after the big day I'll set my sights on a few closet clear outs :)

  5. Your move sounds like it will be exciting. Looking at new places is exciting and I love that you will be thinking of a place where you can get outside and walk more. I would like to get outside and walk more too. It is flurrying right now and it is very chilly. :(

    Hope your body adjusts to the time change and you start sleeping through the night.

  6. Your day sounds so nice. If I'm spending the day at home I rarely bother with any make-up at all.

    I would love to move somewhere warmer, too. But I don't think it's going to happen until Amber's out of college.