Friday, February 27, 2015

Random Acts Of Randomness!

I forgot to post this post yesterday so it's combined with this post today. I too scheduled? Plus this doesn't even count all the Notes on my ipad!
Plus...I still buy stickers!

Two surprises in the mail!

Just now finished...a very emotionally taut rendering with characters who have tons of issues...the narrator...young...irritatingly annoying...but redeeming himself at the end. I loved the way this author ended this dark Southern disturbing book!

This is up next...YA Weird which I love.

I want this...when I buy these "summer frocks" from Australia...they get here in two days! I live in these in the more would make me so happy! I toss these on for comfy...they wash beautifully...but...this would be my brightest one!

We are staying in today. Den is zipping out to fetch lunch and dinner stuff...for us and the's cold and dreary here...inside sounds too good.

We are all peacefully napping or binge watching TV...

Happy week end! See you with new books on Monday!


  1. Oh, wow, those are some notebooks! LOL

    I really must find My Sunshine Away...enjoy your day!

  2. I used to have that same little globe in a cube thing. Do you wear anything under that "summer frock"? It looks too short for me.

  3. The girls look so comfy and cozy! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Those summer frocks look fabulous! Could also be worn with leggings. I always enjoy the outfits you post.
    Also, I'm curious about the new Erik Larson...I read Devil in the White City a few years ago and it was so good.

    1. Yes...I love these dresses with tights, too!

  5. I love how organized you are. I must take a page out of your handwriting is gorgeous. How's Lucy? She looks a bit thin in the upper body. Maybe it's just her pose. I do love my chunky neice! :-)