Monday, February 9, 2015

Ice Ice Baby!

We are slip sliding across the way neighbor just posted that she literally saved herself from falling in her driveway only to slide down four steps and hurt herself!

We are staying..."in da house" today! I am making big fat turkey meatballs and pasta and sauce for dinner later...

Anyone watch the Grammies last night? Annie Lennox rocked the house but I loved Hozier, too. Madonna? Hmmm... Tony Bennett and Gaga? Tom Jones?

New books! Love love love NetGalley!


"In this kaleidoscopic novel, a love-struck radio operator discovers a secret society offering mind-bending performance art in war zones around the world..."


Atmospheric Thriller!

Mystery, murder, madness, mayhem!

Reading this...more mystery, murder, madness and mayhem!

Happy Monday!


  1. Not good. That is how I fell down my back stairs, breaking and displacing a few ribs. I still cannot sit or move comfortably, or even breathe normally. Be careful.

  2. Ooh, you got some good books! I have The Guest Cottage bookmarked.

    Today I got my two Vine books: You Can Trust Me (Sophie McKenzie) and The Day We Met (Rowan Coleman), The Coleman book had the ugly cover! I think I yelled when I opened it in the post office...saying "oh, no!" LOL

    You asked why you might think Fiona and Noah are brother and sister...they look like they are, for one thing; and they are together a lot. Fiona has FIVE brothers and no sisters. All the brothers are older than she is except one...and three of them are my step-grandsons. They are grown.