Friday, February 6, 2015

All By My Self!

Oh my! Den is at the office today and the girls and I are on our own...I have already dusted, tidied and spritzed everything...I should venture into the basement to work out but it's cold and I, admittedly, have been sort of lazy this week...sigh!

Tomorrow we are finally driving to KOP to pick up Den's hybrid's been tailored and ready for a week but it's an effort to want to drive way far away to get it...especially with the weird weather we are enduring...snow predictions...then no snow...freezing temps...whew! You can unzipper that inside vest looks so good on him.

Our reward is this...we are stopping here! The first Shake Shack was a little cart in NYC! In Madison Square Park! We had no clue there was one relatively close to us...hamburgers are hormone and antibiotic is naturally sourced as much as possible...that's a good thing!

They even have a frozen custard calendar! But I just want vanilla!


Or maybe chocolate...we will see!

Shake shack hamburger...

Shake Shack hot dog...

Reading this's not the one I was going to start but I needed a book in the middle of the night...a weird noise awakened I grabbed's so good. It's told through the eyes of a recovering brutally attacked woman named Hanna...who can't believe that someone she loves might be involved...the story is told in flashbacks and memories and is suspense filled and chilling...has just enough sneaky untrustworthy really bad family members and neighbors to keep me turning my virtual Kindle pages rapidly! It is so good!

I am making pizza dough later...for a Friday night pizza!

Happy Reading!


  1. Wow, that book looks good...and both the hamburger and the hot dog made me drool here...LOL. Not to mention the ice cream. Yum!

  2. Good luck picking up the jacket. The food looks so good! Yum! Can't wait to hear if it is as good as it looks. :)

  3. Frozen custard! Mmmmm. I've never heard of it but it sounds delicious! <3

  4. I don't think Shakeburger even has a store in NYC, do they?

  5. ROFL!!! I meant to say Shake Shack! Lol...No, I guess "Shakeburger" doesn't have a store! SMH...LOL... :-D