Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tearin' Down The House!

Den was at the office yesterday but home the rest of the week so we allotted today as a stay home all day and take down our 2 1/2 trees and put away Christmas Day. We have literally been working since 9:30 and we are almost finished...almost! It's 3:42 now. Den is vacuuming up a billion pine needles and all we have to do is put the furniture back. But the entire morning has been chaos...bins, Santas, cats in bins, cats tipping bins, cats playing with lights and bells, cats finding toys under sofas...I am sweaty and exhausted...and Den wants to wash the sunroom windows? No way...

I hate chaos! I hate things out of order! This is the pine needle free zone...lol!

I had to pack away our normal decorations, paintings, etc. to put up all of the holiday stuff so it's not just packing Christmas away...it's unpacking, too.

Bye bye tiny Santas, tiny angel from when I was little, tiny kitty salt and pepper shakers, tiny snowmen and quilted Santa table runner with bells that Roxie played with! See you in 11 months!

Hello Santa free fireplace! Our skater stays there until April 1!!!

Time for a shower, a glass of wine...and a good book!

I leave you with this thought...thank you cinderellainrubbershoes!


  1. My southern heart requires all Christmas decorations be down by the first of the year. I felt like I had very little time to enjoy our tree last year.

  2. I used to put Christmas away on Epiphany. Now with Bill gone on the road, I do it on Christmas. The cats don't care.

  3. Wow, you have had quite the day! I wondered why I hadn't had an e-mail until later...but you will be chaos-free now until next Christmas. Enjoy!

  4. Look at you guys! Good job getting everything taken down. I still have to take down my tree. This is the latest it has come down- but I have been too busy. It is coming down this week (everything else has been put away and taken back out). Enjoy!

  5. I'm still not done putting away Christmas - maybe by this weekend.