Sunday, January 4, 2015

More Rain! When Will It Stop?

I am almost finished with this book...I am finding it really lovely...beautifully written...engaging yet quite dysfunctional characters...oh my!

Early this morning I woke up wired...and finally finished this on my Kindle...I think I loved it even more than Hunger will be a trilogy...I read that someone already bought its movie rights...I read this one in spurts but about one quarter through...I had to just keep reading it...the premise of this is amazing. In this society you either have red blood or silver blood. If you are a Silver you are soooooo lucky...if you are a Red...OMG...your life is worth NOTHING! Enter Mare...who doesn't realize she is a Red with Silver Powers! So good! No one can be trusted and the ending was brilliant.

Next up?

It's a long rainy day of football! Lol...I will be reading much of the day!

Happy Sunday!


  1. I am so tired of the rain, I could scream. We're going to get cold weather later this week and then I'll be whining about that.

  2. It rained all of December. Winter is back with a vengence, now. We got freezing rain and snow, then snow...with more to come. We will end up with about a foot of it. Then subzero temps. It is 8* right now. *augh*

  3. We had some rain for a few days, and now nothing. I don't really like too much of it...despite my name...LOL.