Saturday, January 17, 2015


We are so tired! All we have done this week is race around! Today...Nordstrom's...which is really far away...then lunch...then to the dairy for milk and Mrs. Wickersham's eggs...then we are watching Transformers...the one made in 2007...and it's still so good. Lucy is sleeping...Roxie is in our big bath tub chasing a Ping Pong ball around and's like putting a baby in a bouncy keeps her busy!

Before my glass of wine...

Before Den's glass of wine...

Key lime pie in a shot glass...made us so happy!

Still reading this at night...because I have not read very much during the day this week! It's really good!

This little one is first to greet us when we come sweet!

Happy Saturday!


  1. That's the best part of owning a pet - the greeting you get when you get home!

  2. After a week like you've had, you deserve a drink. I had a martini at lunch yesterday, with my gorgeous salad (well, to be honest, I had TWO martinis...LOL).

    Enjoy your day.

  3. I hope you are well rested now. Some weeks are crazy, I know.

  4. Love that pic of you. You guys always do fun things. The pie in a glass looks delish!!

  5. Crazy day but it feels good to come home, eh. I want to try your idea with the ping pong ball in the tub-- my cats are too sedentary. Nice photos and yummy dessert!