Friday, January 30, 2015

BRRRRR...'s cold out we snow...just frigid temps!

We are eating soups and tons of warmish drinks! Totally hooked on Starbuck's Flat White!

Just bought this...I love making soups but I want to make soups in small is my answer! I don't want unidentifiable frozen lumps in my freezer! Massive soup quantities...gone...hopefully! This book is getting great reviews, too!

I have to mention this book one more is just wondrous! It has just enough charming orphans, hungry charming orphans, evil self proclaimed princes...that would be Prince Nightshade, trolls...monsters...that would be pint sized Moosh-Moosh...kind and caring witches, evil sirens, cool banshees and sweet evil mean real delight us all! I am still thinking about it. And a pocket sized Scottish watch named McClintock...loved that little guy!

Reading this now...

Off to vacuum! Ugh! Happy Friday!


  1. Oh, let us know how you like the soup cookbook! Thankfully, it's pretty warm here - I'm pretty difficult to be around when it gets too cold.

  2. Vacuuming...that reminds me that I need a new one. I was planning to go to the store today, but took the lazy way out after my errands and went home. Curled up to read...and mostly skimmed that horrible book After Birth...didn't like it at all!

    That Flat White looks delicious...I've never had one.

  3. Very clever using the name Grim or Grimm anywhere on the cover of a fairy tale. Brings instant comparisons to my favorite dark fairy tales of all time.