Sunday, December 21, 2014

Shopping Really Early!!!

We were at Nordstrom's in King Of Prussia at 8:30 this morning...Christmas shopping! I can't see straight right now! But...we were home and in comfies and done by 12:30.. For's almost better this day of torture...and then we are done!

Pottery Barn has some beautiful ornaments...always on sale at this time of's one of our holiday year we bought...
Santa Dressed In White!

Bird With Green Vest!

Squirrel With Green Sweater!

And Red Sparkly House With

And three new festive plaid pillows! I am snuggled with one now under my furry throw.

Panorama of the trees...

On our way home from King Of Prussia...the bread ladies were baking we stopped for the best French bread ever...made with a slightly salted was still warm...and they gave me a free brownie for fixing their money...these ladies are amazing...the brownies are from an old family recipe and so good...they bag them and sell them for a $1.00 each...we try to keep a small supply in the freezer at all times! When the flag is out...there is fresh hot bread! Everybody runs in and gets bread on the honor system!

Happy Sunday!


  1. I love the way y'all shop. Do you go your separate ways in the mall or do you stick together? How do you hide your gifts from each other.

  2. Beautiful ornaments-- I love that little bird!

  3. Love those ornaments, but you are very brave to hit the mall today!! We like to stop at King of Prussia mall when we visit my brother.

  4. Such cute ornaments, and your day sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing....

  5. The bread sounds fabulous and I love the system of the flag! :)

    What beautiful ornaments! We bought our tree skirt at Pottery Barn a few years ago the day after Christmas. It was 75% off and I had loved it when we were Christmas shopping, so I was thrilled about the deal!

    Your trees look magical!

  6. Nordy's is great for Christmas shopping because you can find stuff for everyone there. Plus, there cafe is pretty awesome as is their coffee bar.

    1. Totally...and when you go back after Christmas they check your receipts and price fix anything that is now on sale!

  7. Getting home by 12:30 is excellent! Your house is such a treasure hunt. :-)