Saturday, October 4, 2014

Saturday's Situation!

Here is the thing...the situation is's chilly here...we had the AC on last night but today we have on long sleeves and it is beautiful outside but chilly! Really really chilly! But we love this kind of weather! We have put some of the deck furniture inside and lovely leaves are everywhere. We were going to go out to dinner but I just want to cuddle and stay home. The girls are happy about this decision, too. This is the time of year when they want laps! Den had a massive list of stuff to do today but I talked him into binge watching TV! I am a grand convincer!

On our way home from Annapolis we stopped at a Farmer's Market for tons of local produce...we have become hooked on a sliced apple and a bowl of cottage cheese for lunches...I sounds weird but it is so good!

I am making pan fried chicken and roasted butternut squash for dinner! CASA is one of my new favorite blogs!

Finished this was so was written as though it was poetry/prose? But it wasn't poetry and it was MESMERIZING...8 teens make a horrific choice and have to deal with the aftermath...this book was so good!

Reading this now...Harvard, love,'s really good, too!

Ok...back to Binge Watching! Has anyone watched "How To Get Away With Murder" yet? good!

Happy Saturday! What's your Saturday Situation?

Roxie Blue...the remote is hers!


  1. So, are you saying that Roxie Blue is plotting how to get away with murder? Ha!

  2. Oh, yes, I love the new show How to Get Away with Murder! I am going now to watch this week's on my DVR.

    Binge watching is the best thing! I was going to go to the movies but decided to stay home and read...and watch TV.

    Love the look of your dinner! And that book The End of Innocence.

  3. Trying NOT to watch it! :-o

  4. No cool weather here but it's rather spring like and pretty... about 80 degrees with blue skies. I sure hope we get the onslaught of rain they are predicting this winter or we are heading into what they call a 40 year drought. That does not sound good at all.