Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wednesday's Woes...

I had no clue that so many things that we own needed a fixin'. Some stuff is just routine (yet expensive maintenance) but some stuff just surprises me. the difference between Den and Patty...or Patty and Den...and I truly think it's why we remain balanced? Even? Most of the time,!

For acquaintance came to our house yesterday...complimented the craftsmanship on our house...and mentioned that houses similar to ours built within the last five years have issues with the stone and stucco. "we" are a tad worried about our stone and stucco...sigh! While I am just basking in the compliment!

Den worked at his office all day I assumed that today we would relax, catch up, etc...but electricians were here at 8 this morning because of something they forgot to bring a ladder for the last time and which they forgot to bring a ladder for this time! Sigh! So they are coming back again!

Oh well...not to mention the driveway surprise last week and the gutter surprise that is pending.

Double sigh! I know we need to do stuff but I need long breaks between the fixin'...

Finished this...what an interesting book this is! Big words, small words, unusual words...this book fascinated me! I kind of loved it!

Have you heard of this one? I just got it from NetGalley. It's about an autistic little girl who loves synonyms and her puppy...but it's going to be sad...I can sense it...I hope I can read just has a sad feel to it...doesn't it? Sadness mixed with hope would be good! I think I can manage that...

These were surprises from publishers...I have not read a John Grisham book in ages. But this one looks ever so good! Downsized high powered attorney who moves to a small town...hmmm!

I have heard amazing things about this author's new book...and I loved the first one!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I didn't know Grisham has a new one coming out!

    I hear you on the repairs. We're having our upstairs HVAC replaced tomorrow. There was a problem with the A/C so they have to replace both. I don't understand it but Carl does so I'm just trying to roll with it. Sigh. All I can think of is the jewel that money could have bought. lol

  2. My repairs are all car related - I think it might just be time for a new one, but I hate that idea too.

    I have The Word Exchange. I haven't read it yet, but it sounds like I need to.

    1. I am not sure that I ended up loving The Word Exchange!

  3. I like the "Rain Reign" title...the word "rain" is a favorite of mine...LOL.

    Speaking of words, I have been eyeing The Word Exchange, and not sure if I can bear to learn how we all lose our printed versions of books...the death of words.

    Yes, the digital age is upon us, but I don't want to lose the printed books...sigh. I hope these dystopian tales don't ever "come true," but one never knows.

    1. I ended up being very frustrated with The Word Exchange!

  4. Sorry about all the repairs. We have gone through our share this year: air conditioner, car tires, car something-else (after a while I don't listen carefully to what goes wrong with a car).
    I really would like to read that John Grisham, lucky you!

    About Rain Reign, I'll read it if the child and the puppy don't die--hate stories that have that happen!

    1. I know what you mean...I am already worried about the puppy!