Saturday, September 20, 2014

Simply Saturday!!!

Saturday now means college football! I don't watch it but I no longer mind it on in the background! I can get a ton of reading done! Plus now watching football and all of its bad boys is like watching really bad reality TV! So sad! I even watch Sports Central and ESPN to get the scoops!

So...that's what is happening today...yesterday we had a Target stock up on all things Method...purple is my!

Den is planting all of the mums we bought yesterday...I would have the mums planted already...we are simply replacing dead summer plants in pots with fall takes me two minutes...Den has on sunscreen, a straw hat, various tools and shovels are out, a wheelbarrow, extra potting soul, gloves and a plan. I think he even sketched something...oh my...and this, my friends, is the difference between Patty and Den! He is sweeping and cleaning first...and he BANISHED me from the yard! How dare he!

Dinner is pasta and a thick meaty sauce and the most amazing garlic bread ever! We love staying home on Saturdays! This one is from The Pioneer Woman!

Finished Us...good but I don't want to see the movie...if there is one...tired of this family.

Reading this...another very dysfunctional family! I just started it so I will have better thoughts tomorrow!

Happy Saturday! I do believe I love this season the best! What is not to love about a pumpkin? Den surprised me with a massive white one!


  1. The Hokies aren't playing well so it's gonna be a looong football season for us.

  2. Fall is lots of fun! We haven't gotten our mums yet- but we do need to get them soon. I plant more like you and my husband is more along the lines of Den when it comes to getting them planted. :) Happy Saturday!

  3. Fall is my favorite season...and that reminds me...time to find the pumpkins in the closet!

    I had to giggle about how different are yours and Den's styles for gardening.

  4. You guys have a huge yard. It's gorgeous!

  5. Autumn is my favourite time. I love everything about it, including mums and pumpkins.