Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday's Fascinations...

Reading and really loving the subtle humor and angst in this...this is by the author of One Day. This book is about trying to save a marriage and a relationship with a dysfunctional character books!

Roxie Blue continues to believe that this basket is hers...

New NetGalley!

Our lengthy anniversary festivus continues with a trip to Ikea...for storage...and a trip to Glenn Willow Orchards for mums and pumpkins...have you noticed that Halloween costume ads are on TV already?

Happy Friday!

It's cool and lovely here today!


  1. Cute photo of Roxie. She looks annoyed at having her sleep interrupted though.
    I like that you posted a bunch of new-to-me titles to check out, thanks.

  2. I think you should give that basket to Roxie! lol

  3. Ikea, mums, and pumpkins? OH my! Sounds lovely.

  4. Yes, why wouldn't she think the basket is hers? She fits into it perfectly...LOL.

    None of those books are familiar to me....except Us. Thanks for sharing...