Thursday, August 14, 2014

Why? Part Two...

Why am I so certain that I won't like the new Doctor Who? Why am I so obsessed with Doctor Who anyway?

Why is the peanut butter of my childhood...this one...the only one I love?
Why is that so awful?

Why does Lucy feel compelled to wake up Den, Patty and 4:30 each morning by walking across us or yowling just once...but really loud?

Then spend the rest of her day napping contentedly!

Why does reading this excellent awesome amazing book about a family...its dysfunction...and hoarding...make me want to clean out every closet? This book is freaking amazing! Loved every word!

Why does Roxie Blue love toast? Buttered buttery yummy toast! I think I may have told you before that a Tonk breeder once told me that living with Tonks is like living with a two year old child...for forever! Den and I feel totally owned by them! They like doing everything with us! Toys are not their thing but playing with us is! When they are napping I find myself tiptoeing around so that I get a few peaceful hours before they need us again! It's too funny! We never just go to bed...we plan games to tire them out! And this one...she is so different from Lucy! Now Lucy jumps up and walks around the tv because she saw Roxie do it!

Why is the Pioneer Woman a food genius? Her chicken salad was amazing! It had pecans and grapes and celery and the sauce part was Greek yogurt and olive oil mayo...lemon juice and a touch of cayenne pepper! Oh my! It's what's for lunch today!!!

Choosing what to read next...hmmmm...

Happy Thursday!


  1. Lucy does that to remind you she's in charge!

  2. I'm a firm believer that the food, drinks, and even smells we grow up with hold special nostalgic powers over us. Now I'm craving Goober peanut butter and jelly and Tang.

  3. OMG! Too funny....and when I saw the Peter Pan peanut butter jar, I was catapulted back to my childhood. I had totally forgotten about Peter Pan.

    I downloaded The House We Grew Up In the other day...can't wait!

  4. I have never see Dr. Who- but I have been very curious about it. The House We Grew Up In looks and sounds fascinating!

  5. The chicken salad sounds yummy. I now want to read The House We Grew Up In! I would choose 5 Days Left next if it were me :)