Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What Won't Happen Today! But...What Will Happen Today...Hopefully!


I won't get on the treadmill, start the car, go to Whole Foods, cook anything, actually make the bed, do any yard work or leave the house other than to bring in the trash and get the mail...the girls have a package coming today! Look at those excited faces!

But...hopefully...I will...

clean upstairs, unpack my bag from Sunday, do some laundry, wonder why I took so much stuff for just one night, eat Greek yogurt, watch TV, sit on the deck with the girls, and read this. It's really good...it's about a teacher with a horrific sad event in her life...what actually happened has so far only been alluded to and it's about her fiancé...she is supposed to teach this class of five delinquents...they are bad, sarcastic, disrespectful and totally dysfunctional. And so far opposed to anything she suggests...

I will also fondly admire my new nail color...

I will also look at awesome sweaters, jackets and poncho-like things at Free People and Urban Outfitters...and this red buffalo checked one at Nasty Gal...and think about the nip in the air that is just around the corner!

Right now...moving is not an option I am entertaining any time soon!

Happy Tuesday...I think!


  1. I loved The Furies, as you know...what you might not know is that I love Greek yogurt. LOL

    And ponchos.

    1. I didn't know that you loved Greek yogurt!

  2. Sounds like a good day to me! I hope the package came. :)