Thursday, August 28, 2014

Driveways? Books That Don't Fit? Tape?

I think I want a maintenance free condo or town home someday soon. Today is repair and repave the driveway day...just could be easier...

Not a fan of this book...I rarely do this but I may not is too stalkerish and sexual for me...I have read reviews of it that either love it or...hmmm...not love it...I was so excited to read it but it's not a good fit for me...sigh...I guess I have issues from going to Catholic school ( Our Lady Of a Perpetual Help which I always thought was Health ) and being taught by nuns and my mom...who went to church every day...I am too shy for this repressed if you get my drift...wink...wink...wink!

And I finished this was just ok...

Now I am craving something yummy...a yummy delicious something or other. Something not about real people! One of these?
This is the second book in The Bone Season series...which I loved!

This one just looks entertaining! I love the look on Ted's face!

I have been saving this one but I think it's time to hit it!

Yesterday...Roxie Blue decided to munch on tape...clear wide packing tape...from a printer that was just delivered...of course I didn't see any of this happen...but she came upstairs kitty coughing and kitty choking...I was following her to try to see what was wrong...I managed to see a half piece of tape stuck to the hardwood floor...wet and chewed...I grabbed her and poked my finger into her teeny little mouth and felt tape clogging her the vet...we raced in...they were waiting...literally waiting for us at the door...the vet was able to use long scary tweezers to get this out of her teeny little throat...OMG! Then X-rays to see if anything was blocking her Roxie Blue and I returned home...where she was quiet until midnight when she got one of her toys out and bounced it all around our room for 45 minutes...sigh!

Bad but very cute...kitty!

Midnight toy!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Oh, yes, I am very happy that I downsized to a condo after I sold my house seven years ago. I love not having a yard or maintenance of any kind, but I do have a garage. I love that part.

    When I lived in the foothills (for 13 years!), I had an occupied guesthouse next door, so one or another of the grown kids, whoever was living in it, could be counted on for some maintenance...but when the last one moved out in 2006, I knew I would have to sell! Finding good help...not easy.

    Thanks for the heads-up on You. I was considering it....

  2. I really liked Samantha Shannon's first book, so The Mime Order is on my short wishlist. Lucky you if you have it! I would not like You from what you are telling me. I am not the right target audience--thanks for the warning.

    Ooh, how scary about your kitty choking! I was always hyper-vigilant about my kids choking or my pets choking on things. I'm not good in emergencies. Glad for a happy ending.

  3. Your blog is doing a very weird thing today. The right sidebar continually bounces up and down which makes for a dizzy reading experience. I wonder if I am the only one. I closed and opened. I really can't image what is causing it.