Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bits And Bobs!

This book is soooo good! It's chock full of vampires...grown up all over NYC! It's my guilty pleasure today...sent by the publisher...not one of my NetGalley, Vine or Edelweiss ones...I will read it all the live long day!

Kimonos...I finally found just the right one...I can toss it over anything this summer...I love it! I found it at a quirky shop called Urban Outfitters.

But I am actually going to wear clothes with is yummy in real life! The perfect summer toss on...

And I might actually have bought the blue one, too...and again...wearing pants with mine! Or longer shorts...

Cravings...fried green tomatoes over cheesy grits? OMG!

These are from Joanne...

She says that they are loosely based on a recipe from the Tupelo Honey Cookbook...which I have and love!

This Panzanella Salad from BonAppetit! Doesn't it look good? to feel less guilty and clean/organize at least one thing! I should get on the treadmill but I am more in the mood for outside exercise...or a day off today...I will put my Fitbit on Roxie...well...when she wakes up...

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Urban Outfitters is a neat little shop.

  2. You need to move to Asheville - they have Urban Outfitters and Tupelo Honey Cafe!

  3. I have never tried a fried green tomato- but I have wanted to since I first heard about them! Thanks for the reminder.

    Glad the book is so awesome!

  4. I have never had Fried Green Tomatoes...but they do look does that salad! You make me hungry!

    1. You have to try them...they are so good!

  5. I would have worn that many moons ago. I am just too old now. *sigh* But, the food looks good!