Friday, June 27, 2014


Den has been trying to get home from Minneapolis since yesterday...the President's fund raising, storms, and mechanical difficulties have all stopped him. He is at the airport again now and apparently Nancy Pelosi is now in his path...he is not a fan...and this situation is literally too funny for words. I was so hoping he would get here in time to empty the dishwasher but now I doubt it...sigh! He is exhausted and keeps telling me he has gained 5 pounds in two days...sigh...and he either has a cold or is having an allergy attack. Who knew so much could happen in two days...I think I need to make chicken soup!

Yesterday I roasted a turkey breast and potatoes, made corn and cranberries for his welcome home after two days away dinner...that never the girls and I are still lounging upstairs reading. Sigh!

Just finished this...I was in the mood for was so good...I am about to attack the second one soon.

I am starting this now...a yummy crime novel by a Scottish's about a killer called the Christmas Killer! Yum!


  1. You think he is going to want to empty the washer when he gets back? That is some positive thinking on your part ;)