Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lunch At The Beach Or Could We Live Here?

Although we don't live far from beaches...we rarely go to beaches near us...the beach to us is Maine or places near where we used to live...Santa Cruz, Monterey, Laguna. We would go to the Outer Banks before we went to beaches barely hours away from us. People here don't even call beaches beaches...they say they are going to the "shore." We hated that...we just didn't get we drove to a really sweet beach town...called Lewes. It barely took us an hour and a half to get there but it was mid week, foggy, and there was no traffic. We wanted to look at houses and developments and get a feel for the area...the town was sweet, the area ok...but we did not get that desire to live there year round. But we did get a yearning for a weekend summery getaway will see where that takes us...right now it's too like a simple uncomplicated house...not two...there would be twice as much to do...wouldn't there? Ick...

But we ate crab dip...

And more crab dip...

And crabby chowders...

And looked at the quaint sweet town...

And went to the candy shop...called Edie Bees...

And bought little bags of sour candy...sour strawberry ribbons and sour chewy lips and lemon drops and sour cinnamon bears and a root beer rock candy lollipop and watermelon slices and cherry bombs...enough to pucker up on the way home and some for when we hopefully go to see Godzilla tomorrow...we are supposed to have floods and scourges and tons of rain! Tomorrow! I hid my candy so I would have it for Godzilla! you hear me, Rain? Be gentle! We didn't even look at anything chocolate...we were held captive by the jars of candy...thousands of them! And you can open them and use little silver scoopers and tongs and take as much as you want! Oh my! My little white bag was stuffed with only pink candy! I didn't let my one not pink root beer lollipop touch my pink things...

I will just say that the sour strawberry ribbons from this shop are soooooo amazing!
The shop is so sweet! Lol!

I have done a bit of research on these strawberry ribbony things...I could possibly be the only person left in the world who has not heard of these. And I am betting that I would never have tried them if I had not seen them in these shiny glass jars in this perfect little store. And now I want more...I only bought three and I ate two on the way home. I either have to talk Den into going back there today or I have to find these somewhere...sigh! I think I found some at Amazon! Yahoo!


Yesterday was a bust as far as reading...I can usually read in the car but I was looking at scenery and playing reading these...Nantucket Sisters just gets better and better! I love that every single thing that Nancy Thayer talks about is real...The Boarding House Restaurant, the ferry...are all real! Yum!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Sounds like a fun day and a sweet town!

  2. I feeling the need for a nice day trip. Sounds like you had a lovely time.

  3. We'll have to put Lewes on the to do list! I love all those jars sorted by color! Like a fabric store. Have you been to Cape May? You might like it there. I really like it there. We ride bikes or walk everywhere.

  4. That sounds fun, especially with an old fashioned sweet (& sour) shoppe!

  5. What a wonderful midweek treasure!

    We are a couple of hours from some lovely beach towns, and whenever I go there, I want to move there! LOL

    I do love the relaxing feel of these places...but would they feel that way if I lived there?

  6. OMG!! I thought that pink ribbon was a scarf!! ROFL!!! :-D