Sunday, May 18, 2014

I Love Pete!'s the was chilly here this morning so we did not feel like taking the hour and a half drive each way to get to our favorite farmers' market in a lovely quaint town called Emmaus. So we went to Pete's Produce...which is so much closer. There was so much local produce available! I got the first local strawberries and farm grown red Romaine lettuce and asparagus and radishes and New Jersey zucchini and amazing pastas and Lancaster tomatoes...there was a plethora of produce...I love saying plethora! When we first moved here Pete's was called Pete and Penny' stands alone! He used to be a dairy farmer but now he farms plus he farms 4 acres of his land solely to donate produce to food kitchens! Everyone loves Pete!

Reading this...YA...sad...but good!

And still reading this...this book is good but seriously irritating!

Off to read! Happy Sunday!


  1. I need to check out some farm stands...we have quite a few, since our city is surrounded by rural areas. But every Tuesday, there is a farmer's market in the mall in my neighborhood. Also great.

    Now I must hurry up and read Cutting Teeth to find out about those irritating characters!

  2. My review for Cutting Teeth posts tomorrow. The characters are irritating but at the same time, realistic.

  3. Cutting Teeth?! Yeah. Even the title sounds irritating! Lol!!