Saturday, May 17, 2014

Godzilla Rules!

Oh my! One of the best things about Den's new life...working 50% of the doing fun stuff when everyone else is working! We have seen more movies in a month than we have in the last three years! And we see them during the week at noon when theaters are nearly empty! It's awesome! We saw Godzilla yesterday...and next week XMen and the week after that Maleficent! I am just a tad worried about my love for these kinds of's all I want to see! Did you know that if you buy a bottle of water at a theatre it costs $4.75?

Godzilla was awesome! That last picture is not's one of the other monsters in the movie...I loved it! It's predictable but still amazing...Godzilla is definitely the star and the one I cheered for! Such a sweetie!

Today...working around the yard and more clean up...tomorrow...Emmaus Farmer's week Den works all week so I get my beloved alone time! This schedule is kind of fun and really not even affecting how much I read because when I read I can tune mean things! Just teasing...

Happy Saturday...I have a date with Roxie and Lucy on the deck!


  1. I love movies in the middle of the week...having the theater all to myself and one or two others! LOL

  2. I have always loved Godzilla. Always. I'm not into sci-fi or monsters, but I grew up with Godzilla. I definitely want to see this one.

  3. I went yesterday to see Godzilla, too! I thought this new version would be more scary, but it was a bit cheesy like the original I saw when I was a kid. I really enjoyed myself and everyone in the theatre clapped when it was over! Yay!! So happy to hear you're getting out to the movies. You were always way behind before. Go you!...And Den! Lol...