Thursday, March 13, 2014

Books! And A Big Cookie!

Finally finished good and a must read! I have that sadness thing I get when I finish a book that I have spent so much time with. Every time I look at the cover I am back in Winloch with the Winslow family and their secrets. I loved this book.

Started this last night...A.J.Fikry owns a bookstore on an island and sells most of his books to tourists. He has very strong like and dislikes...he doesn't want books with vampires on his shelves or literary realism or fantasy or chick lit or books with less than 150 pages or more than 400 pages. He is a sad fussy little man. His bookstore is losing money and he is miserable until an amazing thing far I am in book love with this book!

Inexplicably...I want huge deep pan cookie with salted caramel from Pinch Of Yum!

Happy Reading!


  1. I had a big cookie today---but not THAT big! Ha! Sounds like your conclusion of Bittersweet was bittersweet! Lol...

  2. A good book and a big cookie...and cats...what more could you want or need?

  3. My sister loved A. J. Fikry! Anything with salted caramel is yum!

  4. The book about the old man with the bookstore sounds good...and that cookie is making me drool...LOL.