Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow...And Cookies!

This was how we looked yesterday! Oh my! And...we still look this way today! And next in store for us is another round of icy snow and then some more on Sunday! It's amazing! Thank goodness for books and homemade cookies with tons of melty chocolate and peppermint tea! And warm kitties to snuggle with...Den came home early yesterday and while he worked at his desk...I snuggled into a chair in his study...Roxie hopped up onto my lap and we read peacefully for an hour...it was lovely!

This is a one pan one bowl amazingly chewy cookie from Cookie Madness!

Reading this...and it's perfect! Body parts are being found all over parts of London's quaint little towns. A leg with a shoe attached...a head...a hand...some parts are new and some parts are old...the finding out who did it part has just begun...yum!

Happy Reading!


  1. You can keep the snow but I'll take some of the cookies. I hope we don't see another flake for years.

    1. Oh my...cookies are for you any time...lol...I will keep the snow...

  2. Ooh...sounds good to me! Uhh...the cookies, kitties, and good book...not the dismembered body parts. Lol!

  3. We are in the middle of a storm. It is headed east. We are headed west.

  4. Beautiful pic of your home! sounds like my kind of day, Patty!

  5. I wish I had some of those cookies! The snow...not so much. I enjoy pictures of snow, though.

  6. That is how it looks here today too! I have been trying to get motivated to shovel (as my husband is at work and I said I would do the porch and front steps). I keep finding distractions- but I better get started. :)

  7. Love the 'snow scene'...only in photo! would not want to be there, at this time. Cookies look great, and super yummy!