Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Massive Amounts Of Snow!!!

Oh my...it's really really cold here...tons of snow...I had a small window this morning before the snow started to zip to the grocery store and the pet store...we had nothing...the last can of organic grain free tremendously expensive kitty food did not meet the approval of my girls...what's not to love about Turducken? Turkey, duck, and whatever the en is. I am beginning to think that kitties are like fussy toddlers...every food has to pass their sniff test...Lucy and Roxie hate beef, and anything with fish unless the fish is a sardine...they might love Turducken now and will hate it tomorrow. I feel utterly rejected every time they walk away...literally turn their little Tonk noses up at their dinner. Roxie literally tries to bury any dinner she doesn't like. Sigh!

All I can hear are the snow trucks outside. Schools are closed, businesses are closing early and we are in for a long night.

From our upstairs hallway...this is all you can see...it's just white outside!

This is from an upstairs bedroom window...I can hear geese and birds constantly chatting and repositioning. I just fed everyone outside...suet blocks and seeds and nuts and tons of bread.

My work is done...lol...

Loving every single word of this book...Ophelia is precious...and the Marvelous Boy?
OMG...sweet and brave. He is called the Marvelous Boy because the wizards took away his name when he was chosen to battle the Snow Queen who in turn imprisoned him in the Museum. From what I have read so far he has been imprisoned for tons of years but he doesn't age. His hope right now is Ophelia...he desperately needs her help to save the world. Ophelia is nervous and undecided. It is such a lovely mesmerizing book. It would be a wonderful read aloud...

Ok...all done...I am off to a cup of hot minty tea and to nestle under a furry throw!
Bought lots of yummy hibernation foods...making Wedding Soup tomorrow...having a roasted potato for dinner! Yum!

Happy Reading!


  1. I'm glad there's no snow here! Stay warm!

  2. It's pretty white here too. I like looking at snow but I'm still a snow sissy.

  3. The "en" is chicken.

    No snow here. LOL.

  4. I am a big fan of The Snow Queen! The original animated one (1957) was truly magical to me when I was a kid.
    We have had more snow here than is normal for an entire season! Of course, it started early, too. I wish it would stop, now. The frigid temps are bad enough.

  5. I get chilly just looking at those photos! We're a little cooler today than we have been, but it was warm enough to have the window open! Sorry....

    I am giggling here about your picky eaters...

    1. They are both so bad...and we are talking splitting the tiny cans...they never finish anything...I am not sure if this is Lucy's influence on Roxie or Roxie's on Lucy!

  6. It is snowy here today, too. We had early dismissal. :) Yeah! No day to make up, but still extra time at home.

    I have to read that book! It sounds like one I should share with my class. Thanks for sharing!

  7. My cats weren't fond of beef either! It usually sat there and got hard. It is painful for us moms, isn't it?! Lol...