Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Balmy No More!

Den never really asks for anything special to eat...well...other than every Sunday when he asks for pancakes or waffles...which are always from scratch and extremely annoying to make...he is always content to be surprised...but today...as he bundled himself up to go outside...he asked for something really warm for dinner...so...I am surprising him with this! It's an Enchilada Pasta from a blog called...no. 2 pencil. I am betting that he will love this! And...everything cooks in the pan other than popping it into the oven to brown and melt the cheese!

Reading this...a role playing game playing murder mystery with tons of quirky characters that takes place in San Francisco.

Happy Tuesday! I am off to gather provisions...and try to stay warm...we are supposed to try not to use too much electricity in the morning and evening...tons of schools are closed...and it is most def not balmy any more!


  1. I am thinking about making enchiladas in cream sauce for the Super Bowl. I love them dearly but they are a pain to make. If I make them, I have to make a big tray of them.

  2. The pasta looks really good! Yum. You always have such creative ideas.

  3. Dinner looks delicious! And it certainly is not balmy.

  4. Oh, that dish looks very yummy...maybe something I wouldn't mind making, since it's in one pan!