Saturday, April 20, 2013


It's funny how people either love and are touched by cats...or they just aren't. Den and I adore kitties but we tend to live with the "ese" kind...Tonkinese...they are the most dog like of kitties...they fetch and run and are pretty much in our faces all of the time. Both Lucy and Roxie bring us toys to toss. They aren't the kinds of kitties who are just there...they are very interactive. Tonkinese breeders say that owning a Tonk is like living with a three year old kid...for a long long time.

Now I know that we totally did not do right by Lucy by not getting another Tonk as soon as our other kitty died.

We worried, we fussed, we catered, we took her everywhere but we didn't get her a companion. So...the process of bonding with Roxie is a slow one. Lucy hasn't had contact with another cat for three years. I think she forgot she was a cat. We got Roxie so that she would remember. And...she is remembering. She lightly touches Roxie...she plays with Roxie...she looks for Roxie...this photo was taken yesterday and I think she was getting ready to sit next to and study Roxie but Roxie made the mistake of Lucy ran!

I yearn for the day when I walk in and find them sleeping together! No sparring...just my sweet girls!

Roxie yearns to be invited into the beloved heated bed! Come on, Lucy Grace...just do it!

Is this Lucy reaching out? Lol!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Stuff...Random Stuff...

Whoever thought of the music for the ads on TV for The Great Gatsby was a genius...every time I hear it I race to the TV...mesmerized!

I need this...this recipe came from The Kitchn.

I want to make these...they are featured in Home Depot commercials but this blogger made them so special! There is fencing on the inside so that the flowers are look at her peely white pots! If you go to her blog...HoneyBear Lane...all directions are there. Her blog is wonderful!

Still reading's pretty of those sagas that you just fall into...

We have baby geese in our yard...they just appeared yesterday...with the windows open...I can hear them all day it's raining so they are cuddling up to their mom.

It's rainy, drizzly, misty...a good day to stay in...

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stuff...Stuff I Love!

I love old stuff! These are from Three Potato Four!

I love cake! This is a coconut one from Willow Bird Baking! The is when I truly need an Easy Bake Oven...

I love this dress. I just want to wear it around my house...or ride a bike in it! I will wear an undershirt under lace it up more! This dress is from...where else...Free People!

Oh...I want a basket of flowers on my bike, too!

I love this book! Reading it now!

Happy Thursday!

Love Sitting Outside...

It's so peaceful sitting outside this time of year...most often with a book...but sometimes just for a few minutes of doing nothing but listening.

Yesterday...was just lovely...there are only two geese here now...nesting? They were quietly chattering to each other until a third goose flew to the opposite side of the pond and the two geese went crazy...honking and swimming toward him and then swimming away from him...the lone goose seemed to want to just ignore them but they did not settle down for the longest time. Then the ducks started chasing each other. Then the crows started. Then the kids across the pond zipped around the pond in their golf cart. Then I heard the sound of the trash bin coming down the driveway. Then Den was home and it was time to set out the

Still intensely reading this...I love the way Julie Kagawa has with vamps and

Planning a peace filled stay at home day...I think I might reorganize summery clothes so they are easier to get to...

Contemplating going to's so close but I am not sure. I think I will be overwhelmed! But the thought of taking the train to NYC...going to dinner...seeing a show...I want to see the new one that Cindy Lauper is responsible for...I have to think more about it!

Plans today? What's up?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Totally Tuesday!

Here's the thing...we can survive with no kitchen because now we have a plan...we eat out one day...bring in the next!

We made a baked potato for dinner on Sunday...we were too full after our tacos...and that nearly did us in...there are no surfaces to prep food my fork melted!

Last night we had to go and replenish our plastic supply...we needed coffee cups, plates, bowls, and unmeltable silverware! Plus I accidentally dropped half of the spoons down an opening in the back space of a counter. We didn't even know there was an opening there! And they can't be retrieved! It's pretty much unretrievable!

Bye bye lovely spoons! Lovely plastic spoons!

We went to a local restaurant last night called Taste Of Italy! I had two salads! One for a starter and one for dinner! Yum!

Reading this...if you read the first one...this one is so good!

Getting nails and toes polished today...what color am I in the mood for...hmmmm!

What are you doing today?

Monday, April 15, 2013

It's A Rainy Monday! mom...for some reason...always talked about "the third day". Here is how that goes down...if you were in the hospital for any reason you felt really good the first two days and really bad on the third day and then you got over it. Vacations...over the top excited the first two days...ready to go home on the third...
This was my mom's belief but I probably inherited it. That's why on Friday I couldn't imagine endless days without a kitchen and today I don't care. Friday was my third day without a kitchen...I was kitchen deprived and kitchen depressed. Over it big time...I am off to buy more plastic plates and dishes, forks and knives, fruits and veggies that are already washed! I am not into washing anything but hands in our bathrooms...

Reading this...not sure how I feel about it yet...

I want to read these next...but we shall Ten White Geese all I know is that the geese disappear...that's already bothering me...

This one I can't wait for...I read the first...I want to jump right into this one!

This author wrote Molokai?

Bought this to cheer me up...with a flowy black top...

Lucy Grace and Roxie Blue...a tenderer moment?

Off to peruse some plastic dinnerware...there is a kind that you can plant but I can't find any!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Well...Here's The Thing...

We went out to dinner last night but not for fun...we wanted to remember what it was like to clink a fork and knife onto a real china was thrilling!
Such a lovely sound!

Today's breakfast was provided by...

We had this...

Lunch was provided by...Michoacana Grill.

We had this...

Dinner...right now up for grabs...too many decisions to make!

We want a big salad with grape tomatoes, candied pecans, grilled chicken and my homemade dressing.

Or a Caesar salad with grilled's all I can think about!

What are you having for dinner on real dishes tonight?