Monday, December 16, 2013

What's Up Today?

That's about as far ahead as I can manage because it seems as though Christmas just hit me in the face...full on!!!

I am still unpacking bins!

Plus I thought that Den was going to be off all of this week and I had a list of Christmassy fun trips planned but he is working!

I wanted to go to the aquarium in Baltimore to see it decked out!

I wanted to go shopping in New Hope...quaint, cute, unique!

I wanted to go to Manayunk...quainter, cuter, even more unique!

I wanted to go to Hershey Park to see Christmas lights!

I wanted to go to Lancaster to shop!

I wanted to go to Reading Terminal Market!

I wanted to get homemade pasta and calimari salad at the Italian Market! I am not sure why I want calimari salad but I do! This one is from Epicurious. My mom never made it...but I think it's a Christmas Eve Italian tradition?

So sad...none of this is happening! I am the Queen Of Day Trips and we are not day tripping sad!


Finished this and it is so of my most favorite fantasies ever!

These are on my mind this week...I have to read them by the 19th or else! Lol!

Girls, small town, issues...

Body image, going too far to be perfect...

Sweet lessons, fulfilling wish lists...

Happy Reading!


  1. Sorry you won't be able to make your day trips. :( They sounded fun.

  2. I always have a list of places I want to go in December and never get around to all of them.

  3. Since Carl and Vance opened the store, our Decembers are consumed with selling beer! lol Your day trips sound like fun!

  4. I keep hearing great things about Burning Sky.

  5. That salad looks so good! I'm still fascinated by the cover of The Burning Sky. Why don't you make some of the trips on your own? You know, like the ones close to home? You'd probably still enjoy the outing. Then you can tell Den how much fun you had! :-)

  6. I would love to tour Lancaster! I love Amish country, anywhere. I love historical places. Enjoy your girls. I am glad Lucy is better! Roxie is maturing & Lucy has a second childhood.

  7. I saw The Life List on Vine...I was wondering whether or not it would be good...I'll watch for your review.

    I see that you are at 199 books! Yay!

  8. Patty, that reminds me...I must make a seafood salad for Christmas Eve...which is what I've been making for so many years for my Italian 'clan' ...sigh; this Christmas Eve will be just a sad reminder for us losing a 'loved one'!
    The Burning Sky book looks and sounds awesome!