Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Real Me? Lol!

This is my style...all of these are from Planet Clothing. They are soft, comfy, pack able...I can wear them with leggings, tights, jeans...I will have them forever...in fact most of what I wear is stuff just like this...lol!

But...I think I have a hidden side because I love this stuff, too! Oh my! These are all from this quirky Indie store called "gudrunsjoden" which is Swedish. There is an online shop and one in NYC! Maybe I should move to Sweden?

Which one is the real me? Lol...who knows...

Finished this...loved it but it was such a difficult reading experience...so many unfamiliar names to track...Norwegian hard to pronounce names...

Reading this...so good! It's described as a " moody whodunit with a horrific twist, set in London during Jack the Ripper's red reign...wholly absorbing."

Happy thoughts all day long!

Look at my girls...I think they are starting to love each other and it's only been...hmmm...what...10 months?


  1. I love your style but think I look goofy when I try on something like that.

    I knew your girls would fall in love!

    1. I can imagine you in the top one...seriously!

  2. I've seen advertisements for that Swedish shop and think it looks so interesting. I love that baggy, comfortable style, but have to make sure I'm in one of my "thinner" moments or I'll look as big as house! Lol!!!

  3. I hear ya. I don't wear much boho gypsy but it speaks to me.

  4. Yes, these might have worked for me a few years ago...lol. I do love them on others.