Monday, December 23, 2013

No More Ribbon!

Today was wrapping day...otherwise known as trying to outwit two crazed Tonkinese cats

I thought that I had a masterful plan. We don't use curly ribbon ever...Lucy will eat it and die. We assumed Roxie would do the same thing! Bows are out...they pop them off and carry them away. For Christmases past I bought fabric ribbon and tied simple bows...unfortunately that bin is still in the crawlspace and we are binned out.

So...I used brown craft paper and Japanese masking tape...and tags...I thought it was a fab idea. I went off to a hair appointment...when I got home Den told me that Roxie spent her afternoon untaping my packages! Oh my!

What to do?
They are partners in crime! Usually Lucy watches and looks innocent...Roxie is too little to know any better!

Happy wrapping!


  1. "Binned out". Lol!!! Your house is a big treasure hunt. The girls are snuggled like two partners in crime!

  2. Oh! Those little stinkers! Lol.
    Happy Holidays, Patty!

  3. So they finally found a reason to be Partners in crime. Cute story, but so frustrating, too.

  4. Me too! Totally wrapping today too.
    I too love craft paper.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Too cute! It sounds like the gifts need to stay in the closet until Christmas morning.