Friday, November 1, 2013

The Candy Dilemma...Part 2! The Leftovers!

In spite of telling myself we had enough candy...Den worried and stopped to buy two more small bags. We barely had ten trick or treaters. We also had to make certain one of us actually held Roxie while the other opened the door. At least I thought that was our plan. When Den answered the door I caught and held Roxie...when I answered the door he yelled she is coming...she is on her way to the front door so I was forced to slam the door shut on people and wait while we had her in hand. Den's excuse was she was way too fast for him. I know how to catch her and won't open a door until I have her in my arms. I had nightmares of this tiny thing getting outside...OMG...I can't even think about it...seriously. An hour earlier she escaped into the garage and we were in panic mode. Den continues to believe that she will not go out an open door if you are standing there...silly foolish boy! She was under the cars while he was yelling for her. He beeped the car horn which only freaked her out even more. She started crying and crying but was too afraid to come back in! Garage doors were closed so it was just a matter of calming down and getting her to us...but her cries were so heartbreaking! We are having way too much kitty drama lately!

Reading this...this...and this! So unlike me!

I sort of stopped reading my Helen West...three in a row is over the top even for me...
the middle book is a YA and one I need to review and Steelheart is one I bought and the one that has totally captured my attention! It is so good!

I am taking today off! cooking either!

Happy reading!


  1. I have enjoyed reading The read that one, right? Very strange characters!!

    I ended up not buying candy...and luckily, nobody came.

    I really don't like Trick or the foothills, we had lots of people. They came in carloads from other places and swarmed the front door. Freaky....

    I haven't left the house today. I've been enjoying my book and some TV watching.

    Poor you...poor kitties....

  2. I bought tons of candy and ran out with about a half an hour to go. I felt so bad.

  3. Replies
    1. I know...I always think of Lucy as having a beautiful face but Roxie is just so tiny and cute...we just kiss her and laugh!

  4. So Lucy never runs for the door?

    We have the same problem with the Otter Pup. We keep her on a leash and I hold onto her the entire time but this year, she was just too worked up with all the kids we had so my husband took her trick or treating with The Girl and her friend. She liked that much more and everything thought she was so cute. BUT, she conked out before they did. She has such little legs so he dropped her off and they went out again. She was much better though when the kids came to the door after all that exercise. In fact, she fell asleep as I was doing door duty.