Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Rainy, Cold, Dreary Day!

Finished this...and I never even told you I was reading this book even though it had sad parts.

Now I am reading seems to have sad parts, too.

But the two books above are real papery books and I never truly count them when I am reading I am also reading these on my Kindle Paper White...

I guess I can no longer say I can only read one book at a time...I kind of like this kind of I might try audio and I have always said I hate audio...but if we take a road trip? Hmmm...might be fun! I would have to find a book that all of us would like...hmmm...whatever could that be? What would the perfect road trip book be?

Chili topped baked potatoes for dinner...yum! This recipe and photo is from

Happy Reading!


  1. It started our dreary this morning but turned out to be a gorgeous day. The perfect audio book for a LONG road trip is 11/22/63.

  2. Some of our books are coinciding lately! Enjoy!

  3. Your dinner looks wonderful...also, I hope to read The Theory of Opposites soon.

    Just finished reading and reviewing Sea Creatures...another winner from this author! Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. You are a reading machine! At the Bottom of Everything sounds great! :)