Monday, October 14, 2013

What I Used To Do...

I was seriously thinking about my life over the weekend...I have time to do this while I "watch" football.

I am nearly positive that I accomplished more when I was teaching.

I used to do all kinds of different this...I always had a project in my hands. I loved making little quilts and hand quilting. I loved making pillows and felted wool quilts. I used to sketch and water color. I used to pay attention to Den.

But now I always have a book, a Kindle, or an iPad in my hands. I hardly even touch my laptop any more.

I think I am out of balance...all I do now is read, walk, cook, read, slightly clean, read,
play with kitties, care for kitties and read. Even when we travel I still read and blog...

I think I need to not touch my iPad for a week and see what happens...hmmm...

This week when Lucy was so ill...I reached out to a huge group of Tonkinese cat owners on FB. They checked in, they emailed, they sent phone numbers, they even sent prayers and Reiki for Lucy. These people know Tonkinese kitties and had advice and was so helpful.

All of my friends from my blog did that, too, but I truly didn't want to sound as needy and stressed on my blog as I really was. I was trying to realistically assess how to deal with Lucy's illness.

I honestly don't like having a kitty tent in my sunroom...I am kind of a perfectionist...but I get now that you do what you need to do for a beloved pet.

Enough...I don't mean to go on and on...Lucy is fragile now...but stronger. I will care of her for as long as she needs me to.


Finished and loved was about cooking, marriages gone awry, friends, was really a great book!

Reading this...oh my...quite yummy...girls gone bad? I will know more later...I just started it.

Happy Reading!


  1. I think certain personalities go all in when they start something new like a blog. I need to learn how to back off some too.

    I know what you mean about pets. I used to think people were crazy for spending a fortune on medical care for animals until we had one of our own.

  2. a week without iPad? hmmm. Don't think I could do it. I use to sew a lot too but technology has gotten in the way. I do have material and a pattern setting out on my new sewing desk but....

  3. I hear ya. Good luck finding that balance again.

  4. I don't think I could give up my laptop...which would be like your iPad, since I do my blogging on it.

    And I didn't do nearly as much when I was working as a social worker...I was too exhausted at the end of each day. I did some reading, though.

    I think you are feeling the effects of Lucy's illness...and starting to question everything. You should do what feels good for you, even if you are not doing the same things you were before.

    1. You are right...I am rather happy hugging my iPad and lost in a good

  5. You know something? You're incredibly talented. Those projects are amazing. Life is is filled with transitions. They can be scary, but you can do all things through Christ who strengthen s you...

  6. I think your life sounds dreamy! I agree that when we are busy with work we tend to accomplish a lot because we are just going and going. But, to me- I think you are getting to relax and enjoy life. You are reading lots of books- but you love reading. I think about how nice it would be to sit on my porch and read! I am glad Lucy is getting better- but I know this is such a stressful time.

    I hope you have a happy Wednesday. :)