Friday, October 25, 2013

Patty And The Very Very Busy Potentially Boring Day Except For Lunch!

Well...first of all Den forced me to go with him to an appointment that had the potential to be very didn't involve books, clothes, shoes, booties or bags. It involved lots of excel spreadsheets, lots of colors and numbers and our future...sigh...and me pretending I knew what everyone was talking about. I have been moaning and groaning about this for weeks but I survived. Den was happy...the spreadsheets were pretty and we went to lunch at Legal Seafood. Yum!

I had maple glazed Wild Atlantic Salmon and sautéed spinach! Yum! And a lovely little glass of wine...yum again!

Almost done with this although I have not read one word today!

Yesterday...these books found their way to me...all mysterious mysteries!
I have heard amazing things about Mayhem and Police. These are Amazon Vine books so they are on the 30 day deadline which really works for me.

Happy Reading!


  1. They all sound very good! I read Nesbo's Snowman and it was good and I love the Fowler books!

  2. He wanted his dear wifey by his side...awww...sweet! :-)

  3. He wanted his dear wifey by his side...awww...sweet! :-)

  4. I like your title...a spin on the Alexander books, as in: Alexander's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day...right? LOL

    I love that book.

    I had seafood today, also....chowder and spinach salad.

  5. The books sound good and so does your lunch! YUM! :)