Monday, October 7, 2013

Oh My...Monday!

Today is my designated do nothing but clean day...boring!
I am off to tidy, spray, dust, vacuum, wipe down and otherwise do things that prevent me from reading for the next few hours.
I don't even make fun plans on Monday because I am so compelled to get things done.
So...I am dusting off the pumpkins right now with one of those swiffery things.

I am also making chili and baking a cake for Roxie's birthday! She is two today! I haven't even known her a year yet and she is already two!

Reading this...did not love it at first but it has gotten so delicious. A mother who is so hatefully diabolical to her three children...anyway...I can't put it down and yet I dust! It's secrets and lies within a supposedly loving family! So good!

Happy Birthday to my sweet as a pumpkin Roxie Blue! She is taking a much needed nap after chasing Lucy all!

Happy Reading!


  1. Happy Birthday, Roxie Blue! You'e brought a lot of joy to your people, and made Lucy Grace's life much more interesting!

  2. 2? Time flies. I swear it was just the other day.

  3. Oh, happy birthday to Roxie! And I love your display of pumpkins on that gorgeous chest! Those swiffer things are wonderful, aren't they? I need to get one of those long swiffers, like in the commercial with the old couple...they are so cute.

    Your Mondays sound very cozy.

    That Mother, Mother book is one I've been wondering about...maybe I'll have to read it!

    1. It was a cozy Monday...I have one of those swiffery with the long handle...they are wonderful!

      This book is so good...truly!

  4. She's already two? Wow! Happy Birthday! I am sure Lucy is less than impressed, Did you get her a birthday hat?