Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's Always About Books!

It's always sort of magical...these surprises that come in the mail...I always love it!

Here they are!

Described as "luminous, evocative, literary"...

Fantasy...described as " a novel of royal intrigue.” --- Kirkus

Kirkus Reviews..."Devine’s examination of the teenage boy's need for adrenaline is admirably complex . . . Astute and riveting."


Described as "powerfully moving and lyrically written"...it's about a student at Oxford and his affair...his life changing affair!

This one just looks scary!

Has anyone watched Dream School on the Sundance Channel? So good...15 kids kicked out of regular school get a month to earn credits and graduate...they are taught by Oliver Stone, Suze Orman and a huge cast of others. It's both fascinating and scary. The one I watched today was about a chef teaching these kids how to eat healthy foods...there was a pregnant teenager who refused to look at vegetables. She only wanted to eat chips...all day long...and she slept all day...but didn't get that nutrition had anything to do with it.

And...I just saw the first teaser for this...I wonder how this is going to be!

Happy Reading!


  1. Ooh, delicious looking! I'm curious about Glitter and Glue. Enjoy!

  2. I got Glitter and Glue too. How'd the vet appointment go?

  3. Loved that first one! I agree, it is allabout books some days!

  4. Loved that first one! I agree, it is allabout books some days!

  5. I really want your mail. All I get are circulars and bills. You never have to check anything out of the library, do you?