Friday, September 27, 2013

Mission Accomplished!

Lunch yesterday was yummy!

We shared a cheese...figgy jam! Thin and crackery crisp!

Then we had salads...these!

Mine was roasted chicken with apples...Den's was salmon...both were outrageous!

Thank you, Harvest!

Plus at the end of lunch the servers bring out these...little shooters of dessert! We said no...sigh!

Den got his shoes...all sized up and perfect...but he could not leave until we all felt where his toe was...sigh!

I got these! Minnetonka booties! Very comfy! I could not choose a or brown...but I chose brown!

These will be my go to booties all season...the ones you can walk in...stomp through leaves in, literally toss on with anything...oh...I went back and got black, too...they are not expensive at all!

I love booties!

Off to read this for a while and then prep the house for the week's end! I could say I am at the good part but every part of this is a good part!

Dinner tonight is prepped...salmon on the grill with roasted veggies...butternut squash, golden potatoes and asparagus...then we want to settle on the sofa and catch up on DVR'd TV...we have so much to watch! Are you watching Broadchurch? good! Luther? Love it! The Blacklist? Interesting!

My bloggie buddy June has convinced us to go see Prisoners with Hugh Jackman. We found a showing at 10:25 Sunday morning. We hope to go then...before football!

Happy Reading!


  1. I love those booties too - they're so cute! Your food looks yummy as well. I accomplished my goal yesterday too - I hollered until I was hoarse and the Hokies won last night!!

    1. Yeah for the Hokies...go get yourself some booties! Lol!

  2. I got a notice that my hold for Carwheel came in, but then I forgot when the girl was home sick and it expired. Boo.

  3. Those are the kind of boots I adore....thanks for sharing!

    And salmon...yummy!

    Enjoy the weekend.

  4. I adore Minnetonka and have several pairs! My favs are the moose skin mocs. So soft! What a fancy lunch!

  5. Those booties do look very comfy! Glad you have two go to pairs now. :)

    The food you share looks so yummy. I have my stomach grumbling now that I have heard about your treats! :)

  6. The booties look cute & comfy too. I have got to read that book.