Friday, August 30, 2013

Sun? Where Are You?

This has been a gray and dreary weak. No sun...lots of's not fun sitting outside at is uncomfortably steamy.

It's an inside day with the air conditioning running. Yet again...sigh! It's what I call a gray day.

Finished good...literally I could not put it down...a psychotic evil road stop killer...a race to find him...two awesome dogs named Grace and Bolo...loved this book!

Finished this...a 500 page family tragedy but oh so good...loved every page!

Plus I am only reading one book again! Hurray! This one! Just started this...more thoughts about it later.

Tonight's plans? Not sure I want any plans...after 5 days of this weather I am in a funky funk of a mood. I either want summer back or fall to start. I hate this in between stuff!

Happy Reading!


  1. Our whole summer's been icky like that. :(

  2. Oh, I know I want fall to tired of summer!

  3. I am with you- either summer needs to come for a couple more weeks or bring on fall. The in between weather is too much!