Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday...Grits...Makeup TV!

Today is BIG BREAKFAST DAY! Yeah! We eat yogurt and berries all week long to prepare ourselves for BIG BREAKFAST DAY!

Today we had cheesy grits, dippy eggs, and actual big old sautéed ham slices!

It was wonderful!

Cheesy eggy hammy deliciousness!

We also had these cinnamonny rolls from Starbucks for a kind of breakfast dessert.

We are stuffed!

Almost finished with's a lovely book about the lives of three people...Alice...Bobby...Amelia...sadness...happiness...tons of food descriptions...and New York...I love books that take place in New York!

Once the papers are done...we will spend hours watching make up tv...Falling Skies, Under The Dome, Food Network Star, and my new fave...Motive!

Dinner tonight? Chef Mark Vietri's Pasta Carbonara...yum!

Buona Lettura!


  1. Your food choices are always so tempting! I've never had grits, though...curious!

  2. O it sounds marvelous.

    You're making me crave grits.

  3. Any book that has FOOD and food descriptions, and NYC is THE book for me! The best part of our stay in that gorgeous hotel was; the Fun room for the kids, and for me...the Breakfast Buffet!
    ...and checking out the amazing little gift shops; and oh, they had the most amazing Spa, but could not get away alone, to make use of the spa!

  4. Grits. I eat them a lot. I tried Parmesan grits once and just about licked the pan. Dippy eggs. I've come to find out that dippy eggs are no fun without buttery toast and you know me... I am toastless.

  5. Is every Sunday your "Big Breakfast" day?