Monday, May 13, 2013

New Loves!

This Indah All In One! It's a grown up onesie!

Haagen Daz Gelato...OMG! Especially this flavor!

These shoes...They are called Wolky's! There are about 20 more do I really want black? Reviews say they are lightweight and comfy...perfect for summer fun!

These baby tomatoes...they come in all different shapes, colors and sizes!

Whole Foods Fresh Pasta Bar...ours comes from little family shops in New Jersey!

These are mine...can you tell me one of yours?
Oh...I can't forget this new my yogurt...and our hearts...even Lucy's!

That is a kitty smile on Lucy's face...I just know it is!


  1. Whole Foods....yum!
    That dress of sorts is fab fab.

  2. Hmmm, brightly painted nails have become appealing to me lately.

    I shall look for that gelato! It looks delish.

  3. Great stuff...all of it...especially Lucy & Roxy.

  4. What lovely things to enjoy! From the guilty treats to the healthy ones...and Lucy looks quite content.

  5. Love all the cool stuff...Gelato from Haagen-Dazs? Wow! So happy to see the kitties bonding now! I left a reply on my blog for Mush!

  6. Those shoes look SO comfy. I bet they would be fabulous to wear to school! :)

    1. I know...I think so, too...all the reviews say they are totally comfy!