Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Thoughts...

Finished this...not so crazy about it...

Reading this...not sure yet how I feel about it...after I finish this...I will have read all of my Amazon Vine books...or at least the ones for 2013! Yahoo! Ready for the next batch!

Then I should read these...

But will I...hmmm...when I want to dive into this...I have no clue why I love boarding school books with or without vampires...

Happy Monday! I leave you with a photo of Roxie Blue trying yet again to smoosh next to Lucy Grace...this breaks our hearts!


  1. I love their soft lush bodies.
    I can't keep up with your book list Lady!

  2. No. No broken hearts! They are doing fine. No fighting, no separations! This is very, very good!

  3. Roxie is an optimist, isn't she? Her persistence may pay off....someday! lol

    Good luck....and enjoy your reading.

  4. Granted, Lucy is looking at Roxie somewhat disdainfully. Sort of like, "Yes. Bow down to me, you little peon!" But I'm encouraged that Roxie feels comfortable to get really close and Lucy is allowing it, so I feel happy instead of sad, today! Ta Dah!!!

  5. Sorry your weren't so crazy about Lake People. The cover looks interesting.

    One day Lucy will surprise Roxie and let her get super close. :)