Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Fun!

Finished this lovely...oh so good...tense, scary, plus you can't beat those furtive YA much better than any gray might be a cougar!

Reading this...

Friends, dysfunction, a lake community, lovely old Victorian homes, unlikely friendships...I could not begin to ask for more on this lovely day!

Either grilling or zipping out for sushi...but I think grilling...I am hungry for a "burger" based dinner...can't decide if that "burger" will be buffalo, turkey, salmon or veggie! In our house we always eat what I am hungry for!

Life is tough when you are a!

Still have not purchased my unlike me...but I know if I wait there will be a sale or special promo...this shoe comes in 35 colors! I can't come close to deciding! I don't know what I love more...the sandal or the name...Wolky Jewel!

Want this dress...I know...only my quirky tastes would yearn for's from a shop called Ilana Kohn...

Happy Friday!

The winner of this book is...ta! Email me and we will talk!


  1. I was thinking of veggie burgers myself :) Happy grilling!

  2. I am loving The Lake House.

  3. I love those sandals! I dont like to show my toes, and these provide good coverage but are still open. You. Cougar? Yes, please! ROFL....LOL...

  4. That burger looks soooo good! And your books look like fun....

  5. Have a great weekend, my friend!