Sunday, May 19, 2013

Another Misty Rainy Day!

Yesterday was tile day...we actually got these little stone them!

We had to go to a specialty tile store for those and then back to Home Depot for the one last knob we forgot plus Den's bathroom faucet broke so we had to get new bathroom faucets, towel hooks and holders and a new shower head...

When will this end plus I have been to Home Depot every Saturday for the last four weeks!

I actually know what number the faucet aisle is...that's scary! Home Depot is not my favorite place to spend time. Sigh!

Den wants to do "stuff" today...but I am not in a doing stuff mood...I wanted to go to a plant store and get flowers...but it is misty raining out flowers!

Reading and watching Grimm and Elementary instead!

Baked tacos for dinner and fresh raspberries for dessert!

My new recipe comes from a blog I found called The Durfee Family Recipe is insanely amazing and filled with all kinds of recipes! There are 54 different Mexican recipes...even something called Chicken Enchilada Roll Ups...and Salsa Rice...and everyone who contributes a recipe is either a Durfee or married to a Durfee!

That's our Sunday!


  1. We had tacos last night but not the baked ones.

    It's sunny here and we are heading to a BBQ even though we don't really feel like going. We haven't seen these people in a long time so we are going. I am taking a Mexican Caesar and they are grilling steak for tacos. More tacos!

  2. Doing stuff around the house is endless. . .

  3. I think it is sweet the way you are so "Home" oriented together, all 4 of you. Hugs.

  4. Eww...the chesse on those tacos! LOL...what color tiles did you get?

  5. I love tacos....and now I have to have some! But I'm in my PJs, having already gone out earlier today and now I'm ready for the evening.

    Home Depot is a scary place...the high ceilings and huge aisles and how hard it is to get someone to assist you....I have some dark memories of time spent

  6. Those baked tacos look so good! YUM!

    Love your new backsplash. I hope you were able to relax today. :)

  7. Have to make a list for Home Depot for myself...several things need to get fixed. Looks like you and Den still have all these projects to finish. Love those enchilada roll-ups...have not seen them like this before...pretty clever and yummy!