Friday, April 26, 2013

Who Knew?

Sadly...we don't have a kitchen yet due to some minor obstacles...

The cooktop didn't fit so the granite people had to come back to fix that.

No one told us that strainers don't come with the sink so we don't have strainers and the sink can't be hooked up without them.

All of this happens when Den is away...of course.

The guy who is hooking up the sink is going turkey hunting so now the sink can't be installed until Wednesday or Thursday.

My dreams of a dippy egg and toast are totally gone. I truly am officially starving!

I guess it takes a village to get things back to normal again.

I am sort of in shock now about everything. I had to get up really early yesterday and today and I still can't make a dippy egg!

Finished was really really amazing...

Reading this on my Kindle...

And this in a real book...

I don't like reading two books at the same time but I clue why I am...must be the lack of a dippy egg that drove me to it.

I am dippy egg crazed...

Happy Friday!


  1. Go to a nice restaurant ant get yourself some Eggs Benedict with BACON! I love Eggs Bene.

  2. Boooooooooooooooo for no dippy egg and dilemmas popping up when the hubs is away. : (

  3. Dippy eggs are the whole points of eggs I think.

  4. I love dippy eggs!

    I wish I lived closer- I would send my husband over to hook up your sink. Once the sink is in this will all be a funny story. :)

  5. You can find awesome eggs at a variety of places! Never fear, eggs are near....

    I prefer eating out, anyway, although once in awhile, a home-cooked meal is just what you want. Especially if you can't have that home-cooked meal...sigh.

    You always have delightful looking books that I've never heard of (except, of course, for The Tin Horse!).

  6. Aww man...Wednesday or Thursday? In the words of the immortal adolescent: "That sucks!" Dippy eggs?! Noooooooooooooo... :-D