Thursday, April 25, 2013

We Almost Have A Kitchen!

OMG...if I could I would hug my island! As it is Roxie and Lucy are exploring every inch of the has the Tonk seal of approval!

I love my new deep sink! The kitties dive into the cooktop hole!

Notice my stack of paper plates!

Next the tiles...but anything will be better than waiting for the counters! We have to figure out the cabinet knobs...they have to drill holes in the first thought was to change all knobs to stainless...but the granite has grays and flecks of white...I am surprising myself with my own patience...I normally would want everything done ASAP...I must be growing

I like the idea of taking a little time to figure things out...

Any thoughts? On knob color? I am open for discussion!

The girls and I had to get up very early for The Granite Guys! Today the downstairs is even messier than before! But we are going to take the day off and for dinner! Yum!

Changed my mind about this...

Reading this...I needed a mystery/thriller!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Your kitchen is looking great!!!

  2. So the island cabinets are white, but the rest are brown? It's hard to tell in the pic.

    On the island, I see pewter as the knob color of choice. A brushed pewter. You might have to buy a couple different ones and see which looks best. Also, I like knobs but sometimes handles are better.

  3. No! You can't grow up! LOL
    I get that feeling too sometimes.
    I'm excited to see what you come up with for your knobs. I like that there are so many different kinds. A person could really let their personality shine through with all the fun choices.

  4. What happened with Tin Horse?

    I saw black countrish knobs. : )

  5. Your kitchen is already beautiful....soon to be gorgeous!

    More thoughts on The Tin Horse....

  6. Your kitchen is coming along nicely!

  7. Wow. It looks really nice! I like everything to be white, though, like the island cabinets.

  8. What a beautiful kitchen! Love it!!!

  9. I'm jealous - I love that island!