Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Morning!

Thinking of reading this...

or this...

or one of these...

I bought House Of Secrets because I love books like it...and I think that Chris Columbus directed a Harry Potter movie or two! I delight in "epic new fantasies". Yum!

The others came from Amazon Vine, NetGalley, and Edelweiss!

What are you up to today?


  1. I'm washing sheets-bought 2 new sets over the weekend-going for a 5mile run and reading a book on a K2 disaster. Oh. and whining about the snow :)

  2. Read the first one! I haven't heard anything about it yet.

  3. I am curious about "The Bookstore"! Let me know about it!

  4. Looks like you'll be busy reading all those great books! With my new Windows 8 PC, I was able to fly thru your previous posts from last week and noticed your beautiful granite, and the story about the kitties' 'granite approval'. Reminds me of the time when I had my previous place remodeled and kitties were having a 'blast' getting into so much mischief!

  5. Holy cow! Look at all the wonderful books you have to read! They look entertaining and so different from each other. :)