Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dippy Eggs And Duck Eggs!

I feel completely satisfied...I had not one but two poached eggs this morning at our local diner...I had rye toast and crisp was so delicious! And there were potatoes...crispy not greasy potatoes...with catsup!

Den literally dragged me out of bed this morning to get me dippy prince!

It's a beautiful day and Den is outside doing some spring clean up...he also found a mama duck nesting under one of the trees in the front of our house...the nest is very close to the house and I saw some bluish eggs! Oh me oh my! I need duck babies!

Finished this...not my fave but very good...

Reading this...still...and it's getting better and better...

Want to start this...from Amazon Vine...just came today...

And this one...also from Amazon's supposed to be a "hot" summer sounds really good...

The girls and I are waiting for Den to finish we can sit on the deck for a bit and plan what we can't cook for dinner tonight!

Happy Saturday!


  1. Having baby ducks is so exciting!!

  2. Keep us posted on the duck nest! Interesting!

  3. You have such a good husband, you blessed girl, you! I love that tent the girls are in. Awesome! That book by Sullivan looks good. I'll have to check it out. Never heard of the "hot" book. I'll have to look into that one too. Whew! I've exhausted myself commenting. Lol...

  4. Duck eggs! Oh my goodness. How cute will that be?

    I looove me some poached eggs. YUM.

  5. Yeah for your prince and the eggs!

    Duck eggs- how exciting. :)

  6. Your husband sounds like a treasure....and those eggs definitely look yummy.

    I finally got Fly Away in the mail! It was weird, too, because after I checked on Vine and saw that it would be coming by May 3, I got another e-mail saying it had been cancelled! Very odd...but I did get it.

    I'll be reading The Engagements soon, too.

  7. I had to make that last photo bigger to see if they were both inside and sure enough.. I see TWO kitties!