Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Notice I am not talking about my kitchen...or the fact that I still don't have one that works!

This is what I chose to read yesterday...it's one of those lovely books...Esme is British and in NYC working on her PHD. She meets Mitchell, older, wealthy and she believes that they are in love until he tells her he isn't. The best part is that she was just about to tell him she is pregnant. She doesn't tell him...decides to have the baby...and gets a job in a lovely old bookstore called The Owl. The bookstore is owned and run by lots of quirky characters. This book is yummy! Just what I need for my kitchen less next two days!

I finished this yesterday...it was good! Funny, clever...written by one of the Gilmore girls...I seemed to be obsessed with books that occur in NYC lately!

So...this is sort of another lazy day...not in the mood to do much...not in the mood to go out...just sort of feeling laid back...and ready for running water!


  1. Yay! That was the one I was hoping you would pick up.

  2. You'll really appreciate running water when you have it again!!

  3. Ooh...The Bookstore sounds really good!

  4. You had to toss in that working faucet...lol; but I like the books you've chosen to distract you. I've been wanting both The Bookstore and the Lauren Graham book.

    I've been excited about the reboot of two cancelled soaps that are now available online...and it's fabulous. Check out my Potpourri blog.

  5. Oh dear. Hurry up Kitchen!

  6. Home construction can be so tough! Hopefully it will all be done soon.

    I love the cover and description of The Bookstore. I will have to read that one!