Sunday, March 3, 2013

Well...I Should Have Known...

We were excited to have the TV installed.

We were excited to have everything about the TV wireless.

We were excited to spend Saturday afternoon watching all of our DVR'd stuff.

We were not excited to get an error message in the middle of the TV screen every 3 minutes telling us that we were not connected to the "network".

The Geek Squad was gone.

The Geek Squad came back.

The Geek Squad was puzzled.

The Geek Squad uninstalled and reinstalled everything.

The error message was still there.

The Geek Squad is coming back on Monday.

Probably with a new TV.

Don't worry...we are mostly happy.


  1. Ugh, isn't that always the way? Carl's mother had a terrible time with her TV - neither the cable company nor Circuit City (this was a few years ago) could figure it out. It took Carl making a trip up there to get things straightened out. Do you want me to send him up your way? ;)

  2. This is why we love books, right? Open, relax, read. :-)

    1. Meg...that's why I have a book in my hand...all of the time!

      Plus I have yours to read...thanks to you and Edelweiss!

  3.'t cha luv it?

    1. Oh, so much for the joys of "wireless," as it sounds like that's one of the issues....

      And, of course, none of these things happen when the Geeks are

  4. Ugh! Sorry it didn't work out the way you had planned. Hopefully Monday all will be well with the tv. Good luck!

  5. You did this very well. Funny...but not funny. Hope the get you going quickly!

  6. With technology, everything is so much more complicated now. I like the idea of wireless but I won't go that route should we switch over. Why? Because wireless things require a lot of battery juice to run. I am old fashioned. Just plug the darn thing in.

  7. How annoying, though. I hope they get it all worked out for you.